5 Reasons you should consider Search Engine Marketing as part of your Advertising strategy

Google Adwords

As a business owner with a limited marketing budget, it is crucial to get the best return on investment for your spend. While there are plenty of advertising options available, here are 5 reasons why you should consider Search Engine Marketing in your advertising strategy:

5. No upfront investment

While some advertising methods need an upfront investment before you see any return, SEM doesn't cost anything to configure, and you only start paying when you start getting clicks to your website. This is a big benefit, as the advertising could start paying for itself before you get your first bill.

4. Very low minimum spend

Some Search Engines have no minimum spend, while others have a very minimal amount. Google Adwords, for example, has no minimum spend. While a daily budget of 20 cents is not going to get you many clicks, you can start with a low daily budget to determine the quality of your ads. Once you get comfortable with your ads, you can then increase your daily limit to start getting more and more clicks to your site.

3. No contracts or locked in timelines

A lot of advertising channels have a length of time which a campaign needs to run. With SEM, you can run your campaign for a day, a week, a month, or ongoing. You can pause it at any time, which stops the campaign instantly. You can also restart it at any time, so the choice really is yours.

2. You have full control at all times

The wording of your Advertisements is the most important element, and you may need to change this once the campaign has started. with Adwords, you can make these changes and many more at any point. Choices such as adding new/different advertisements, modifying keywords, changing budgets, changing links are all possible right through the length of your campaign

But the BEST reason to use SEM in your marketing strategy is...

1. Reach your customers at the exact moment they want your product or service

No other form of advertising does this as well as Search Engine Marketing. Other avenues of marketing attempt to reach your audience at a time when your product or service 'might' be relevant, but with SEM, your ads are shown when someone is actively looking for them. This is a massive benefit, as your advertising dollar is much more likely to turn a potential customer into a paying customer.

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