Search Engine Optimisation

Ensuring your site is built properly to help boost your place in search engine results
There are two main elements to SEO. There is the technical implementation of your site, and making sure it is built for search engines. There is also the content on your site, developed to make sure your site is using words that are not only relevant for your customers, but for search engines as well.

Technical (best practice coding)

New Sites

We actively optimize the websites we build as we build them, to ensure they are built for Search Engines when we launch your site.

Existing Site Analysis

We can also analyze your existing website and provide you a report on what is done well, and what improvements could be made. We can then make those changes to help get you to the top of the organic search engine results.

Keywords (Site Content/Keywords)

Keyword Planning

We will run a Keyword planning exercise, where we will work with you to ensure that your website is getting noticed by Search Engines, and that it is reaching the audience you want to target. By researching and planning keywords, we can connect you with a quality audience that are looking for your products or services, ready to buy. For new sites we will use this information to put the content together for every page within your site. For existing sites, we will update your website based on the findings to optimize it for search engines and get you higher on the results of relevant searches.


Using the keywords we have researched in the SEO plan, we can then configure your advertisements to reach a wider audience through search engine advertisements, social media posts and display network advertisements.

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