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Shopify makes eCommerce extremely easy


Ever since the start of the web, the number of products you can buy online has been growing exponentially. Now, more than 87% of online users have purchased something online, showing that the web is quickly becoming peoples favourite choice when it comes to making purchases. (

eCommerce solutions would once cost thousands to setup and configure, and needed to be developed from scratch for your individual needs. Now we have Shopify, which makes it extremely easy to get an online store up and running and start selling your products across the globe. With Shopify, you can be ready to sell products and take payment within hours of getting started.

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Not only that, but your options to configure and improve your store are vast, meaning you are not locked in to any particular design or store functionality. For example:

Beautiful Shopify Themes

The Shopify theme store has hundreds of themes you can apply to your site to give it a beautiful design. The themes are easy to configure and have been tested to give your users an experience that is not only enjoyable, but familiar and easy to use. All of the themes in the Shopify store are responsive, so your site will work as well on mobile phones as it does on desktop.

A large number of the Shopify themes are free, but there are also premium themes that can be applied for a reasonable cost. Premium themes have added functionality included, and are generally very simple to configure.

Shopify Apps

Beautiful Shopify Themes

Shopify also has an add-in store, where you can download and implement add-ins that supply extra functionality to your site. These are a number of free add-ins to help you add functionality to your store and provide better options for your customers.

As with the themes, there are also premium add-ins, which are cost-effective ways to improve your site without having to hire a custom web developer to build something from scratch.

Payment options

Shopify gives business owners a large number of options for accepting payments online. You can easily integrate payment gateways you already use into your store, as well as new ones you may not have considered before. This gives your customers more choices for payment, which means more confidence in your store.

Shopify also offers Point Of Sale payments for those who also sell their products in the physical world. For business owners with a shop, they could integrate their payment systems to Shopify to help manage stock, inventory and invoicing as well as payments made in store using cash or credit. Shopify gives you full financial reports to help better manage your shops finances.

Business Owners who started selling online first, may decide to branch out into local markets or selling to Family and Friends. The Shopify POS makes this process completely seamless.


Shopify uses several security measures to ensure that transactions are secure, credit card information is safe and your customers have peace of mind to be able to purchase from your store. To add store security, SSL is included in your monthly payments so there are no hidden extra security charges for you to be able to take payments.

Great articles

Business Owners who use Shopify have access to a great number of articles, blog posts, forums and case studies that can help them grow and manage their business. Learn from people who have first-hand experience on what worked and what didn't work, so you can apply their learnings to your own site. Shopify sends out a daily article to Business Owners which is always riveting reading. This daily digest gives you tips, ideas, case studies, suggestions and many more ways to improve your online business.


Creating your own online store has never been easier with Shopify. You can even start a 30 day, obligation free trial to see if it will work for you before you go live with your site.

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